Guide to buying gold in Brisbane, Australia

According to the gold market analysts, as U.S. stock indexes reach record highs, gold ends at three week low. On Monday, gold prices fell again, settling at the lowest level in three weeks and registering their fifth loss in six sessions. One of the reasons of gold drop in price is global market’s robust risk appetite that is favoring stocks for now.

Investors are moving out the U.S. Treasuries, yen and gold, in search of a more risky and higher yielding assets. This move brings the technical positions on gold on the brink of a significant outlook change. Since at the start of the week the major stock averages traded at record highs, investors have been pushed away from gold. As consequence, the precious metal moved sharply lower.

This means that lower gold price facilitate buying gold before the price might rise again. The market sentiment is still under clouds due to North Korea’s nuclear threat. Gold price may spike again at any time. It is well known that investments in gold are very profitable on the long term.

If you are one of the wise investors interested in buying gold in Brisbane, there is a range of options available. When it comes to buying physical gold and silver, there are a range of options you can take. Among them, ETFs are the most convenient and the cheapest way to buy or sell gold. However, in case that you decide to choose that option, you should be aware of the fact that you will be also exposed to counterparty risk.

The metal you buy is not held by the provider of the ETF when you buy this kind of financial instrument. Your gold could be gone to if the bank goes bankrupt. You also can never be really sure whether they are holding the gold you buy. For these reasons, it would be much safer if you have the gold bullion in your hand.

There are also downsides to buying physical gold. Because dealers charge a premium, this can be much more expensive than just investing in an ETF. You also have to cover the cost of insurance, storage and delivery. Your dealer will get its cut when you sell. Buying bullion is not a risk free operation, on top of that. You risk that gold price fall significantly and you take a loss on your asset. However, such a situation is not likely to happen since, historically, gold price is continuing to rise.

Gold buyers Brisbane have the choice to buy gold and silver bullion bars or coins. Coins cost more per ounce, since they are more expensive to make and more elaborate than bars. As gold bars offer the lowest premiums this makes gold bars the best long term gold investment. Various weights are available, including 1ounce, 10 ounce, five ounce, and two ounce bars. The price for a kilo bar of gold is around A$53,900. The bars make a truly portable wealth, being a similar size of an iPhone.

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