Comprehensive Bank Services and Great Promotions

You can enjoy the benefits of modern banking with the convenience of handling most transactions online. For most people, the days of making a trip to the local branch to make a deposit, withdrawal, or change in the account are long past. Thanks to computer and mobile technology, it’s now possible to take care of your finances from the comfort of your home, your office, even from an outside location.


You might think this is more than enough benefits and you couldn’t possibly ask for more. But, if you don’t take the opportunity to save with some of the special offers from your bank, you could be actually giving away more than you should. With some of these offers and promotions, you get a better interest rate on deposits, which is a simple way to improve your finances.

Attractive Promotions

If you already have an account, you should visit the website of one of the leading providers of online and mobile services to learn more about the latest bank account promotions. For example, you can earn 4% on a 15-month fixed deposit with an additional chance to win RM20,000. You’d be wise to call and talk to a representative if you have concerns or questions about how to benefit from offers of this type.

You may be able to earn 6.80% on a three-month fixed deposit when you invest a minimum of RM30,000 in specific investment products. There are minimum sales charges applied but the benefits can far outweigh the small fees. Another promotion will pay you 5% on a three-month fixed deposit but you must purchase three products, including one investment product and one Premier Save Account. These promotions apply to new funds. Another promotion offers 3.60% on the total balance in Premier Save Accounts with balances of RM200,000 and above.

Communication within the banking industry urges financial institutions and banks to be more proactive in acquiring new customers and rewarding loyal customers. Many of the leading online banking services are following this advice and creating attractive promotions such as those already mentioned. When you bank with the full-service providers, you also have access to many other benefits.

Cards, Loans, Insurance

In addition to the promotions on investment accounts and savings accounts, you may also benefit from being a new bank card customer. If you have another credit card and get a new card from your bank, you may be able to transfer funds and pay no interest for a specific period of time. When you visit the website to look at the details of the above promotions, you should devote some time to looking at credit card promotions.

Many of the top banking services also offer great insurance programs for a variety of purposes. You can obtain life insurance for yourself and for family members. You can also put home insurance and mortgage insurance in place through many financial institutions. While these are the most common products and promotions offered by banks and lenders, some also offer good travel insurance plans. Learn more and start saving today.

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