All you Need to Know About Pawn Brokers

Some people are under the impression that pawn shops deal with shady individuals who hand in goods of dubious origin in exchange for money. The truth of the matter is a pawn broker will take a look at any asset that you wish to use as security for a short-term loan, and based on their appraisal, they will offer to loan you a specific amount. Movies over the years have depicted pawn shops as places of ill repute that are frequented by thieves and drop-outs, yet the average pawn shop offers a genuine service that help those who are in need of a loan and would like to put up something of value as security for a loan.

An Alternative to Traditional Bank Loans

There are times when, for one reason or another, we need to get our hands on an amount of cash. It might be to pay for medical services, or due to a major repair at home, or even an unexpected car repair cost, and whatever the reason, simply take your goods to a Sydney pawnbrokers and they will appraise the item(s) and make you an offer on the spot. People do not have the time to wait while a bank or finance company deliberates over a loan application, which is where the pawn shop comes in.

How Does it Work?

Pawning valuables couldn’t be easier than it already is; first the item or items that you wish to pawn must be on the acceptable goods list of the pawn shop, which might include gold and silver of any format, luxury watches, designer bags and even diamonds. Some pawnbrokers will accept certain electrical appliances, but this is rare nowadays, and by searching online, you can easily find out what goods are accepted by a pawn shop.


When you take your goods to the pawn shop, they will appraise the items and make you a loan offer based on that appraisal, and should you agree, they will pay you cash on the spot. The pawnbroker will inform you of their monthly interest charges, and all you have to do is make that monthly payment to the pawnbroker, which automatically extends the loan for one more month. When you are ready to repay the principal (the amount you borrowed) simply pay the pawnbroker that they will return your goods. There is not normally a time limit on pawn shop loans, and the monthly interest rates are generally from 2-4% per month, which is all you have to pay every month, until you are ready to repay the principal, which will see your goods returned and the agreement has been completed.

Generally speaking, pawnbrokers do not wish to keep goods that are left with them, and if you had a problem making the payments, talk to them and they will help you if they can.

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